First things first – nothing can compare to toad-in-the-hole. We get it.

But there’s a reason why Brits are in love with Mediterranean food – sunshine. Whether its sun-dried tomatoes glistening in a sea of tangy olive oil or freshly baked Lebanese bread with Akkawi cheese and freshly picked thyme, the tastes of the Med are borne out of endless sunny days and warm summer nights.

Take note – we don’t do processed, dried, long-life ingredients. At Levanthyme, everything we prepare is exceptional, high-quality produce from Mediterranean countries. Straight from the farm and as fresh as a daisy.

From Lebanese valleys and Greek hillsides, each ingredient we use is prepared in our stunningly modern kitchen here in the heart of London and delivered straight to your front door. We care enormously about quality and taste: its non-negotiable.

The reason we insist on freshness and authenticity is because we get a kick out of knowing that our friends in London are tasting the kind of stuff we were brought up on. Real Mediterranean food the way Mum used to make it. So, enjoy Levanthyme – it’s the real deal.

Now put that Cumberland sausage down and get ordering…


As Lebanese guys, it’s not lost on us that high quality, made-to-order authentic Mediterranean food is missing in London. That’s where we step in.

We wanted to fill that gap and give Londoners the real taste of the Levant by bringing farm fresh Mediterranean food right into the heart of the city with a cultural tour of the Levant region

We’re really proud to have been able to create Levanthyme. It’s close to our hearts (and tummies) and we hope that you love the authentic sunshine flavours of the Levant as much as we do.